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This certifies that _________________________________________________________



Has reserved one breeding to WHOLELOTTADERBY AQHA #X0614900 /AAHA #6484A  for the mare:

 _____________________________________      ___________________________
Mare                                                                                    Reg #

By ___________________________________ out of ________________________
     Sire                                                                                         Dam

For the 2007 breeding season for a stud fee of  $800.00 

1.   Stallion fee includes a non-refundable booking fee of  $200.00 to be paid with this contract.  The balance, plus all unpaid board and expenses will be paid when the mare is picked up, whether the mare is settled or not. 

2.   Breeder agrees to furnish all facilities for the care and feeding of the mare while in his custody.  Mare Owner agrees to pay for care and feeding at $8 per day for dry mares; or $10 per day for wet mares. 

3.   Mares shall be in healthy and sound condition.  Mare owner will furnish Breeder with a current Photostat copy of her registration papers and a Veterinary Certificate no older than 45 days indicating mare is current on all vaccinations.  Mare will have a current culture exam.   Out of State mares must also arrive with a current Negative Coggins test. 

4.   All board and expenses will be paid monthly, on the first of each month.  The mare will not be released to the mare owner/agent until such time as the stallion fee, board, veterinary charges, and any other charges incurred on behalf of the mare have been paid in full.  Any mare and or foal left at T Bar T Ranch with expenses unpaid for 3 months will be considered abandoned by the owner.  Per Texas civil law, T Bar T Ranch reserves the right to place a contractor lien on the mare and or foal named in this contract. 

5.   Breeder will exercise judgement in care and supervision of mare.  Mare owner authorizes Breeder’s veterinarian to administer medical care as he sees necessary for the health and safety of the mare and her foal, at Mare Owner’s expense. 

6.   Breeder agrees to diligently try to settle owners’ mare.  Mare owner agrees to give breeder ample opportunity to settle the mare, which is from arrival of mare through June of the year of this contract.  T Bar T Ranch will not give a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE on any mare leaving the ranch unless the mare has been pregnancy checked.  Exceptions can be made, however if the mare leaves before the pregnancy check then all unpaid board, expenses and breeding fee come due and payable in full, and the LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE will go with the mare.  If for any reason the mare does not settle, mare owner will hold T Bar T Ranch, its owners, manager and agents harmless. 

7.   It is further agreed that should the stallion die or become unfit for service before the mare is covered, this contract shall become null and void, and any money paid as part of a booking fee will be refunded to mare owner. 

8.   Breeder guarantees a live foal that will stand and suck.  Should a live foal or a state of pregnancy not result from this breeding, Breeder will give a return breeding the following season only for the above named mare or any other approved mare owned by the above named owner.

9.   A live foal is described as a newborn foal, which stands and nurses and remains alive for 72 hours after birth.  Should the foal not stand and nurse and remain alive for 72 hours, the mare owner will be entitled to a return privilege for this mare or a substitute mare.  Said decision to be solely at the discretion of the stallion owner.  Your guarantee is valid only for the year following this contract’s breeding year.  This guarantee will apply only if the stallion owner is notified in writing by the attending veterinarian on his letterhead within 7 days after it is determined that the foal did not survive 72 hours.  A return breeding under the conditions mentioned above exempt the mare owner from the stallion fee only.  All other charges incurred on behalf of the mare are the sole responsibility of the mare owner. 

      10. It is agreed that should the mare miscarry or abort after her return home, Mare Owner has the privilege to retun her for breeding during the current season or the following year ONLY.  If mare returns for the following breeding season, a handling fee of $150.00 will be charged for that season.  The handling fee is actually a Breeders charge for handling the mare for the breeding season. 

11. If the Mare Owner fails to deliver the Mare for the rebreeding the following year, then any and all fees paid shall not be refundable; the right to rebreed is thereby cancelled and the Breeder is released from any further obligation whatsoever. 

12. It is mutually agreed that the Breeder and any person associated with the breeder, is not liable for death or any disease, accident and/or injury caused to the mare and/or her foal, and that the Mare Owner is not liable for the death or any disease, injury or accident caused to the stallion. 

13. All mares must be halter broken and gentle.  Our normal method of breeding is by LIVE COVER, thusly please remove rear shoes on mare.  Mare owner agrees to have ranch’s veterinarian check mare for normal breeding conditions.  Ranch’s veterinarian will perform uterine cultures if necessary.  Mare owner agrees to have ranch’s veterinarian perform any services deemed necessary to settle mare, at mare owner’s expense. 

14. The stallion owner reserves the right to refuse to breed any mare due to the mares’ inferior conformation, quality, and manners or due to the mares health which might make it difficult or impossible to settle the mare.  Stallion owner has the right to notify the mare owner and refund the deposit paid on this contract less any veterinary charges and board incurred and thereby cancel this contract. 

15. It is further agreed that should the above named mare die, or become unfit for breeding, the stallion service fee is not refundable; however, Mare Owner may return the following breeding season ONLY with a substitute mare approved by Stallion Owner (Breeder) without an additional breeding fee.  The booking fee and other expenses are again due and payable. 

16. When Breeder signs and returns the confirmation copy of this contract to Mare Owner it will then be a binding contract on both parties, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. 

17. This contract will not be sold, assigned or transferred by the Mare Owner. 

18. There will be no exceptions to the terms of this contract that are not provided for in writing and signed by all parties. 

19. With my signature below, I fully understand my obligation for payment of all charges as described herein.


Stallion Owner (or Agent)                                          Mare Owner  (or Agent)

                            ____________________________                      __________________________

                            ____________________________                      __________________________

                           Date ________________________                       Date ______________________


Pleas                    Please remit all payments to:

T Ba                                T Bar T Ranch                                               webpage:

                               3510 Anderson County Road 174                 email:
                               Grapeland, Texas 75844
                               (903) 478-2702